Our Bedtime Routine for Our Baby at 2 Months Old

Establishing a bedtime routine for your baby can be a great way to create a sense of structure and consistency for your little one. It can also help them wind down and prepare for sleep, making bedtime a smoother and less stressful experience for both you and your baby. We’ve established Holden’s bedtime routine so well that he gets 7-8 hour stretches at a time, even at only 2 months old!

One great way to start your baby’s bedtime routine is with a bath. A warm bath can help relax your baby’s muscles and soothe them before bed. Use a gentle baby wash and shampoo and make sure the water is warm but not too hot. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to the water for a calming effect.

After the bath, you can move on to reading a book. Reading to your baby before bed can be a great way to bond with them and expose them to new sounds and words. Choose a book with bright, colorful pictures and simple stories that are easy for your little one to understand.

Next, you can feed your baby. Whether it’s breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a full belly can help your baby sleep better. Make sure to keep the atmosphere calm and quiet during feeding, and try to avoid stimulating your baby too much after they finish their feed.

After the feeding, you can then rock and sing to your baby. Rocking and singing can be a great way to soothe your baby and help them relax before bed. Choose a lullaby or nursery rhyme that you like and sing it gently to your baby. You can also pray or recite something comforting like a poem or a blessing.

Lastly, you can put your baby down in a dark room, swaddled in their bassinet. This will help them feel secure and cozy. You can also put on some light white noise in the background, like the sound of rain, to help drown out any outside noise and create a peaceful environment for your baby to sleep in.

Creating a consistent bedtime routine for your baby can be a great way to help them learn when it’s time to sleep. It also helps to create a sense of security and familiarity for your little one and it can be a great way to bond with them as well. Remember that every baby is different and it might take some time to figure out what works best for your baby, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while to get the perfect routine.


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