Indoor Activities for your 0-3 Month Baby

As a new parent, it can be challenging to find activities to do with your baby, especially when you’re limited to being indoors. However, there are plenty of fun indoor activities that you can do with your little one, even if they are only 0-3 months old.

One great indoor activity for this age group is reading. Reading to your baby is not only a bonding experience, but it also exposes them to new sounds and words. You can choose books that have bright, colorful pictures and simple stories that are easy for your little one to understand.

Another fun indoor activity for this age group is playing with toys. You can introduce your baby to different textures and shapes by giving them toys that they can hold and explore. Soft toys, such as stuffed animals or fabric blocks, are great for this age group as they are easy to grip and safe for babies to chew on.

You can also engage in musical activities with your baby. Singing nursery rhymes or playing lullabies can be a great way to soothe your baby and expose them to different sounds and rhythms. Additionally, you can also use musical toys like a mobile or a small music box to entertain them.

Another indoor activity to consider is tummy time. Tummy time is an important activity for babies as it helps them develop their neck and upper body strength. You can place your baby on a soft blanket or playmat and give them toys to reach for.

Lastly, you can also engage in baby-led activities, such as baby yoga or baby massage. These activities can help strengthen your baby’s muscles, improve their flexibility, and promote relaxation.

All these activities are great ways to bond with your baby and keep them entertained while they’re still too young to explore the world around them. Remember that your baby is still learning about their environment and it’s important to keep them safe, so always supervise them closely and make sure the toys and activities you choose are appropriate for their age.


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