How My Midwife Saved My Entire Birth Experience

As I prepared for the birth of my first child, I knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth experience. I had done my research and felt confident in my ability to give birth without the use of pain medication. However, as labor progressed and I found myself pushing for hours on end, I began to doubt my ability to deliver my baby without intervention. That’s when my midwife stepped in and saved my birth experience.

After five hours of pushing, I was exhausted and ready to give up. My midwife could see that I was still making progress and encouraged me to keep going. She reminded me of my birthing plan and the importance of allowing my body to do what it was designed to do. Her words of encouragement and support helped me to push through the discomfort and fatigue.

One of the things I appreciated most about my midwife was her willingness to let me push for as long as I needed. While many providers may have given up and recommended a c-section after two hours of pushing, my midwife understood the importance of allowing my body to birth my baby in its own time. She trusted in the process and believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I also appreciated the fact that my midwife was able to provide hands-on support throughout the pushing stage. She helped me to find positions that were comfortable and effective for pushing, and was able to provide counter-pressure to help me to push more efficiently. Her presence and support made all the difference.

In the end, I was able to deliver my baby naturally, without the use of pain medication. It was a challenging and exhausting experience, but one that I am incredibly proud of. It turned out with how big Holden was when he was born, if I had gotten the epidural, I wouldn’t have had the power I needed to push him out and would have ended up having an emergency C-section. I am grateful for the care and support provided by my midwife, who truly saved my birth experience in helping me get through the pain with no medication.

It’s important to note that every birth is different, and the length of pushing varies and there’s no standard time frame. It’s also important to have a care provider that trusts the birthing process and have a birthing plan that is respected. And that’s why I’m so grateful for my midwife who was able to provide the support I needed to deliver my baby naturally and safely.


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