10 Montessori Things to Get Before You Bring Your Baby Home

Bringing a new baby home can be an exciting and overwhelming time for parents. According to “The Montessori Baby” by Junnifa Uzodike and Simone Davies, there are certain items that can help create a Montessori-friendly home for your little one. Here are 10 things you should consider before bringing your baby home:

  1. A Montessori floor bed: Instead of a traditional crib, a Montessori floor bed allows your baby to move freely and independently. It also allows them to be closer to the ground, which can help them feel more secure.
  2. Natural materials: Montessori parenting emphasizes the use of natural materials, such as wood and cotton, for toys and other items. This allows your baby to explore and learn about the natural world around them.
  3. A mobile: Mobiles can provide visual stimulation and help develop your baby’s sense of sight. A mobile with natural materials such as wood or wool is ideal for a Montessori home.
  4. A play mat: A play mat can provide a safe and comfortable space for your baby to play and explore. A mat made with natural materials such as cotton or wool is ideal.
  5. Open shelving: Montessori parenting encourages children to have access to their own things and be in charge of their own environment. Open shelving allows your baby to see and reach their toys, books, and other items, encouraging independence and autonomy.
  6. A rocking chair or glider: A rocking chair or glider can provide a cozy and comfortable spot for you to hold your baby and bond with them.
  7. Sensory items: Montessori parenting emphasizes the importance of sensory exploration. You can provide your baby with a variety of items such as wooden blocks, textured fabrics, and natural materials to help them explore and learn through their senses.
  8. Developmental toys: Montessori parenting encourages children to learn through hands-on activities. You can provide your baby with developmental toys such as stacking blocks, shape sorters, and nesting bowls to encourage their cognitive development.
  9. A baby carrier: A baby carrier can allow you to keep your little one close while still being able to move around and get things done.
  10. A Topponcino: This is a small cushion used for Montessori floor seating, which can be used for nursing and also as a small seating option for baby to sit on during their first months.

These are just a few of the items that can help create a Montessori-friendly home for your baby. By providing them with a nurturing environment that allows for independence and self-directed learning, you can help them reach their full potential.


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